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Material Handling Batteries

Lead and Lithium Batteries for Heavy Loads

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East Penn supplies a broad line of high-performance, quality-built Deka lead and lithium batteries for all types of lift trucks.

Our lead batteries are backed by our advanced formation processes that optimize power capacity, cell consistency and long-term reliability. When looking for a lithium solution, our batteries have one of the safest chemistries available on the market. East Penn battery specialists will make sure you get the right technology based on your individual needs and application.

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Deka D-Series Batteries

Picture of single East Penn brand premium Deka D-Series Material Handling Batteries battery

Decrease downtime and increase productivity with durable and dependable batteries for almost any material handling application. In addition to its versatility, it is designed to be used in both conventional and opportunity charging operations.

Features and benefits:

  • Superior non-porous, precision-cast grids are designed for maximum current-carrying capacity exclusively for material handling applications
  • Both positive and negative plates are cured in temperature/humidity-controlled ovens to ensure optimum plate curing regardless of external environmental conditions
  • The positive plate is protected by an exclusive multiple-step retention system to ensure optimum active material retention for longer life and provide increased plate insulation for added performance
  • Complete size range available for all truck requirements, providing up to 1,600 AH (at a six-hour rate) of dependable power for all your material handling needs

Deka Dominator® Batteries

Picture of Deka Dominator Material Handling Batteries

These sealed valve-regulated gel batteries offer reliable, maintenance-free power for medium and light-duty applications in either conventional or opportunity-charging operations.

Features and benefits:

  • No watering means no electrolyte spills
  • Gelled electrolyte is spill-proof, with reduced harmful gassing for safer operation
  • Vertically positioned cells allow for standard layout configurations and more efficient performance
  • Designed for either full discharge/recharge or opportunity-charge operation
  • Available with built-in charger (Deka Gel-Mate® only) for easy and convenient recharging
  • Maintenance-free sealed design saves countless maintenance hours

Deka HydraSaver® Batteries

Picture of single East Penn brand premium Deka HydraSaver Material Handling Batteries

Exclusive alloy combinations and separator material results in less water consumption and reduced watering intervals of nine to 10 weeks.

Features and benefits:

  • Factory-installed flip-top vent caps and LED water-level indicator simplify maintenance procedures
  • Bolt-on positive and negative terminals and cables simplify replacement and reduce safety hazards
  • A water-level indicator LED warns you when the battery needs to be watered
  • Flip-top Watermiser easy open and close vent caps help extend watering intervals
  • Maintenance costs go down when you extend battery watering intervals

Deka MaxPowr® Batteries

Through optimized active material efficiencies, balanced plate ratios and increased electrolyte concentration, Deka MaxPowr® forklift batteries can deliver up to 10% more amp hours in the same size battery for maximum power-per-pound.

Features and benefits:

  • Designed for applications requiring added power to perform a full shift
  • No special maintenance required
  • More work per shift when compared to other batteries of the same size

Deka FastCharge Batteries

Picture of single East Penn brand premium Deka FastCharg Material Handling Batteries

Optimized for electrical conductivity and extended performance, and built to last longer under rigorous fast-charge conditions.

Features and benefits:

  • Heavy-duty intercell connectors provide optimal current transfer
  • Copper inserts in single post cells improve conductivity
  • Optional vented trays and forced air cooling optimizes air circulation
  • Optional single or dual cables and connectors are available based on charger connection requirements

Deka MaintenanceSaver® Batteries

Picture of single East Penn brand premium Deka Maintenance Saver Material Handling Batteries

Reduces watering maintenance to as few as four times per year under normal conditions.

Features and benefits:

  • Built specifically for low-maintenance applications
  • Boasts a large reservoir allowing an increased volume of electrolyte
  • Possibility of overfilling is reduced
  • Takes less time to clean the battery and neutralize corrosive acid deposits

Deka ChargeMate Batteries

Picture of single East Penn brand premium Deka ChargeMate Material Handling Batteries

Charger and battery unit eliminates the need for remote charging equipment. The charger can be connected into any 15 amp, 120-volt AC outlet for safe and easy charging.

Features and benefits:

  • Flooded technology
  • Ideal for medium to heavy-duty and opportunity charging applications

Deka Gel-Mate Batteries

Picture of Deka Gel-Mate Material Handling Batteries

Offers the combination of a maintenance-free gel design in addition to a built-in charger that is compatible with a 15 amp, 120-volt AC outlet.

Features and benefits:

  • Ideal for medium-duty applications
  • Sealed gel design saves watering time and maintenance expenses
  • Safer spill-proof design
  • Gel design is extremely reliable in high-vibration applications
  • Ideal for opportunity charging applications

Deka PowrMate® Batteries

Picture of Deka PowrMate™ Material Handling Batteries

Designed specifically for pallet jack applications, Deka PowrMate® batteries provide all the benefits of a reliable maintenance-free gel battery with an on-board charger that can be connected to a 15 amp, 120-volt AC outlet.

Features and benefits:

  • Perfect for light-duty applications (e.g. cold storage, delivery/route and back of store)
  • Maintenance-free sealed gel design saves time and expenses
  • Gel design is extremely reliable in high-vibration applications
  • Low self-discharge (less than 2% per month), limiting deterioration during transport and storage
  • Ideal for opportunity charging applications

Deka Ready Power® Batteries

Picture of green deka ready power lithium battery

Backed by East Penn Manufacturing and powered by Navitas Systems, Deka Ready Power® is a high-intensity, maintenance-free lithium-ion power solution for Class I, II and III lift trucks that allows you to maximize your output every day of the week.

Features and benefits:

  • Stable and robust cell type
  • UL listed batteries and exclusively designed battery management system (BMS)
  • BMS monitors the voltage, temperature and charge
  • Recharges at high rates so charge time is reduced
  • Minimal maintenance required – no watering, cleaning or equalize charging
  • A separate communications module (CAN BUS) allows battery, charger and truck to communicate with each other

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Starting Batteries

Picture of single East Penn brand premium Deka ChargeMate Material Handling Batteries

We offer a wide variety of starting batteries for forklifts with internal combustion (IC) gas or propane engines through the East Penn Transportation division.

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